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עלה 11 נצל 10 גְאָקָה 9 ילך 17 .ראה 16 15 .נתן 14

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.עלה 7

מָגוּר 12

ילד 21 .רבה 20 הלך 19 .נתן 18 לב 24 .שות 23

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1 the force of the prefix in this word is not necessarily that of the genitive of, as some may perhaps suppose it to be, but may be that of the dative to; in the night [belonging] to the fifteenth day; the Israelites considering always the night as belonging to the succeeding and not to the preceding day.

בצל 5 .יצא 6

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it (גַּם ... גַּם) also ; when repeated in the same sentence גַּם 7

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signifies both... and. Compare Gen. xxiv. 25.

.לקח 9 ילך 10 .עשה 11 נשא 12 בָּצֵק 13 .שִׂמְלָה 14 שֶׁכֶם 15 .נסע 16

מֵאָה 18

prefix in this word is that of about.

17 the force of the 1973.

20 72? signifies by one's self, likewise alone, only; but when

מ or מִן or when construed with ,(מִלְבַד) it has n prefixed ,it signifies beside (לְבַד מִ ... or לְבַד מִן)

Compare Judg.

vii. 5; Eccl. vii. 29; Exod. xii. 37; Judg. viii. 26; Gen. xxvi. 1.

יצא 22 .עֲנָּה 23 .מַצָה 24 חִלָּה 25

אפה 21

דור 26

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the sea of reeds, the red יַם סוף 34 .ילד. 2 .נסע 1

דַּבֵּר עַל לֵב 8 אֶרֶץ 7 .לב 6 .חגה 5

ירא 9

sea; the affix in


denotes tendency or motion towards a

literally-to speak to the heart, i. e. to persuade.

-a son of valour, i. e. a valiant man.



19 the per

is sometimes added to the verb to give it emphasis.

literally בֶּן חַיִל 12 .יצא 11 ,חנה 14 כשג 13

שוב 24

פָּנִים see Glossary under 10

.מַפֶּה 18 .נסע 17 .ירא 16 .ראה 15

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1 the verb

when construed with signifies-to assemble around one, to join one in a collective body; but when construed with it generally signifies—to assemble or rise against one in a

collective body.

note on this word.

.בוא 3 .עשה 2


,see Glossary : מָקוֹם 4 .שְׁכְבָה 6

.4 see page 17, note :דָּבָר

10 what ?*

14 May.

see note 10.

.עלה 7 .appearance, colour עַיִן 8 .ראה 9

.דרך 12 .עשה 13 יבח 17 יום 18


11 see Glossary under .

.מדד 15 .נגד 16 .היה 20 קְצֵה 21

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Ezra v. 3, 4. The great disadvantages under which the Israelites, when under the yoke of Egyptian tyranny, must have laboured, with regard to their education, were the cause of their occasionally neglecting the purity of the Hebrew dialect, and of their allowing the dialects of its cognate languages to creep into their conversation. Thus in this instance they

-See Exod. xvi. 15, where the trans .מַה הוּא instead of ,מָן הוּא exclaimed

lation of the first part of the verse should be: And when the children

What [is] it? for they ,(מָן הוּא) of Israel saw [it], they said one to another

wist not what it [was]. As translated in the authorised version, the passage is scarcely intelligible.

It will be perceived that the Jews divide the ten commandments otherwise than the Christians.


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