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m. ;
now f. | used advly. a second time.

i. c.



is also שנית m. second; the feminine form שֵׁנִי : a .m שְׁנַיִם שְׁנֵי שְׁתֵּי .i.c- .£ שְׁתַּיִם

.m שְׁנֵים עָשָׂר

.£ שְׁתֵּים עֶשְׂרֵה .a by-word, sarcastic name or expression שְׁנִינָה .שני a second time. See שנית

.K. to spoil, plunder שסה
(שסה strictly p. a. K. of) – שׁסִים .pl - שׁסֶה

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.Niph. to lean, rest; metaph. to rely upon שען שער

שְׁעָרִים .pl

.i. c- שִׁפְחָה שְׁפָחוֹת .pl ;שְׁפְחַת .i. c

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K. to judge, do justice, plead; Niph. to be שפט

spoiler, despoiler.

. a gate.

a maid-servant, hand-maid.

, , ; . judged; (likewise) to contend with, dispute, execute punishment.

an almond, almond-tree. npu Hiph. to make to drink, water (cattle); Pu.

to be watered, be moistened. upwi K. to rest, have rest, have peace; Hiph. to

cause to be at peace, give rest, quiet, appease; (likewise intrans.) to be quiet.

- שְׁקָדִים .pl- שָׁקֵד .
; שׁקה

.rest, peace שֶׁקֶט שְׁקָלִים .pl - שֶׁקֶל

;Niph. and Hiph. to look, look out, look down שקף

a certain weight for weighing uncoined gold or silver, a shekel.

. . , , ; (likewise) to overlook, project (over a thing).

- a lie, falsehood; (likewise) a : vain thing.


שְׁקָרִים .pl


are sometimes used advly. in vain.

שֶׁקֶר וְלַשֶׁקֶר and

שִׁרְיון - שְׁרִינוֹת and שְׁרִינִים .pl

שֶׁרֶץ Pi, and Pu. to be rooted out; (likewise) to take שרש

- a coat of mail.

a creeping thing, reptile.

, . ; ( root; Hiph. to take root.

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{– שִׁשֶׁת m-ie שְׁשָׁה

six. .

.f שש .sixth שְׁשִׁי

.sixty שְׁשִׁים ;K. to drink; (likewise) to banquet, sit at table שתה


; () ,
Niph. (once) to be drunk.

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.open שְׁתָם

.having his eyes open. See Numb. xxiv שְׁתָם הָעַיִן

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שְׁאֵת strictly inf. constructive K. of) – שְׁאֵתִי .w. af ;a rising, raising; (hence) exaltation, dignity (נשא

w. — (.

, ; () , ; (likewise) acceptance, forgiveness.

. a. ( hairs) - greyhaired, greyheaded; an aged man. yai K. to be satisfied, be satiated, be filled; Pi. and

Hiph. to satisfy, fill with.

to have grey) שיב or שוב strictly p. a. K. of

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- 거

full, satisfied.

yav f.

.full of days שְׁבַע יָמִים


; שְׂרֵה .i. c- שדה ,שָׁדוֹת .pl ; שָׂרִי שָׁדְךָ שָׂדֵהוּ .w. af - שְׁדִי

שיי ,שיו or

, . yaw satiety; (hence) abundance, plenty.

. ;

w. , , ; , i. c. 7 (once) nitin — a field, piece of cultivated ground, territory. -i. c. w; w. af. Tv

a lamb, sheep. DW K. and Hiph. to set, put, place, appoint, establish, Quines arrange.

25 diw lit. to set [one's] heart, i. e. to attend,
25 Sy din to lay to heart, take to heart.
j'y diw lit. to set one's eye, i. e. look attentively.

Hoph. to be put or placed. THW K. to swim; Hiph. to make to swim. prie K. to laugh, laugh at; Pi. to mock, deride ; (like

wise) to play, sport; Hiph. to laugh at, deride. prio laughter; (likewise) sport, play, Irina K. to meditate ; (likewise) to speak, converse, talk;

Pi. to meditate; (likewise) to declare.
- pl. anti-a plant, shrub, bush.

. Spicy K. (once) to act wisely; Pi. to guide wittingly, direct

intentionally ; Hiph. intrans. to have understand-
ing, be intelligent; trans. to make wise, instruct ;
(likewise) intrans. to prosper ; trans. to cause to
prosper; (also) to look at, consider, take notice
of, attend to.
Suawn. See under letter O.
- w. af. Saw - understanding, intelligence.

שֶׁכֶל שֵׂכֶל

.i. c- שָׂכָר .hire, wages, reward – שְׁכָרִי ; שְׁכַר .i. c.the left side; (likewise) the left hand שְׁמאל מִשְׁמאל -K. to be joyful, rejoice; Pi. to gladden, make joy שמח

on the left. .

ful, cheer up; Hiph. to cause to rejoice.


.i. c- שִׂמְחָה ,joy- שְׂמָחוֹת .pl ; שִׂמְחָתִי .w. af ; שִׂמְחַת .i. c

.i. c- שִׂמְלָה a-שְׁמָלוֹת .pl ;שְׁמְלָתִי w. af ; שִׂמְלַת

rejoicing, mirth.


(.K. to hate; Niph. to be hated; Pi. (only in p. a שנא

.one] hating, an enemy] מְשנָּא one] hating, an]- שנא strictly p. a. K. of - שנא

שְׁעוֹרָה .barley - שְׁעוֹרִים .pl

– שְׂעַר .i. c- שֶׁעָר שַׁעֲרוֹת pl. constructive ; שַׁעֲרַת .i. c- שערה

.i. c- שָׂפָה

; שְׂפַת the - שְׁפָתַיִם .du ; שְׁפָתִי .w. af ;



.a captain, chief, prince-שָׁרִים .pl- שר .K. to burn; Niph. and Pu. to be burned שרף

lip; (also) speech, words; (likewise) a border,
brink, bank (of a river).
. .




-a ig-tree; (like- תְּאֵנִים .pl ;תְּאֵנָתִי .W. af

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-understand - תְּבוּנוֹת .pl ;תְּבוּנָתִי .w. af - בין .r תְּבוּנָה


ing, wisdom, intelligence.


.the world, earth, globe תִּבל

.straw תִּבֶן .name of a place תֵּבֵץ

.i. c- ידה .r תּוֹדָה ,praise, thanks - תודות .pl ;תודת .i. c- ידה .r

.the middle, midst – תּוֹכִי .w. af ;תּוֹךְ .i. c- תָּוֶךְ

.in the midst of בְּתוֹךְ תּוֹכָחוֹת .pl ; תּוֹכַחְתִּי :w. af - יכח .r תּוֹכַחַת

. . . ; . , , thanksgiving; (likewise) confession, acknowledgment. . ; . - . .

-- a reproof, an admonition, warning ; (likewise) chastisement.

, ; . , , a family history, genealogy.

, abhorrence. .



,families, generations ; metaph. events, history ילד

,an abomination – תּוֹעֵבוֹת .pl ;תּוֹעֲבַת .i. c- תּוֹעֵבָה


- תורות .pl ;תּוֹרָתִי .w. af ; תּוֹרַת .i.c-ירה .r

a law, doctrine, instruction, precept.

prayers, supplications חנן .r תַּחֲנוּנִים תחת תַּחְתֵּי or תַּחְתֵּנִי תַּחְתִּיךְ , תַּחְתָּיו .w. af

under me, or instead of me, &c.-what is under or below; (likewise) what is in the place or instead of.

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instead that, because that.

תחת כִּי what is low or inferior; the - תַּחְתִּיּוֹת .pl- תַּחְתִּית

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