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folly. nas spelt; (according to some) rie.

- w. af. ' - silver, money. DyK. to be angry, be vexed; Pi. and Hiph. to cause

to be angry, i. e. to vex, provoke.
- . ; . ? - anger, vexation, care,




12 – w. af. '22; du. D'39; pl. Dias - (properly:

something hollowed out) the hollow hand, palm,

hand, spoon.

.sole of the foot כַּף רֶגֶל

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ܪܕܸܪ פֶּרֶם

-w. af. 972; pl. ba??-a vineyard. on a vine-dresser. 07 K. to cut, cut down, hew down; Niph. and Pu. to

be cut off, be cut down; Hiph. to cause to be cut
off, destroy; Hoph. to be caused to be cut off.
roga na lit. to cut a covenant, i. e. to make
an agreement or covenant; a phraseology derived
from the custom of the ancients to slaughter beasts
and cut them asunder on occasions of making a
covenant. Comp. Gen. xv. 9, 10.
K. and Niph. to totter, stumble; Hiph. to cause

to totter, cause to stumble; metaph. to cause to err. and K. to write; Niph. to be written, be written down, be inscribed; Pi. to write, prescribe.

. ; . - a coat,



- כָּתְנוֹת and כַּתָּנוֹת .pl ;כָּתָּנְתִּי .w. af

.tunic בָּתִּנֶת


,a shoulder-בְּתֵפות .pl ;כְּתֵפִי;כֶּתֶף* .i.c- כָּתֵף

,Hiph. to assemble round, surround, encompass כתר

side (of a building, or of the sea).

, , , adorn, crown.

ל -c. - pref. to [belong& לִי לְךְ לוֹ ,לָהּ .w. af

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- W.

ing] to, in order to, for the purpose of, respecting, concerning, at, for, before.

,not, no לא וְלָאט .בַּלָּאט See

– לִבּוֹת .pl ;לִבִּי :w. af -


.i. c -
לְבָבוֹת .pl ;לְבָבִי .w. af ;לְבַב

- w.


heart, .af. mind, intelligence, courage; metaph. middle, midst. - W. af. 9721 — alone, only.

except, besides.

, -

לְבַד מִן

לְבַד מִ: .20 besides. See p. 30. Note מִלְבַד

.בַּל See לְבַל

,בִּלְתִּי See לְבִלְתִּי ,, , i. . לבן

as Hiph. trans. to cause to be white, i. e. to cleanse,

purify; intrans. to be white, become white, turn white; Hithp, to cleanse one's self.

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.14 .Isai. xi .כָתֵף In one instance *

. . + In some instances s is prefixed to nouns in the accusative case ; Comp. Lev. xix. 18. Job v. 2: xii. 23. Prov. xxii. 6.


- a

- .i. c-
.a brick - לְבֵנִים .pl ;לִבְנַת



) ; לבש

was K. to put on; Pi. (only p. p.) to clothe; Hiph.

to clothe, put on.

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דְתִּי .af

ילד inf. K. of - לַדְתִּי

4. V.

לדת ל See לָךְ


ļ a flame; the flaming or glittering part of a weapon.

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.a tablet, board - לְחוֹת and לוחות .pl

- — , . D?! Levites (a tribe to whom no inheritance like that

of the other tribes of Israel was given, but only certain cities with their suburbs as recorded in Josh. xxi.)

if not, unless.



.K. to knead לוש -lit. moisture, juice) freshness, aC) - לחי


- ( tivity, vigour.

לְחָיַיִם .du ; לחיי .af

(in pause) לֶחִי ,K. to eat, consume, feed on; (likewise) to war לחם

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a jaw-bone, cheek. ()

, , ; (, fight; Niph. to fight, contend.

. — . wius K. and Pi. (only p. p.) to sharpen, whet, polish.

לֶחֶם .bread, food - לַחְמִי .w. af



, לטש

.לְ See לִי - ליל .i. c .- ליל

ליל (night; (likewise-לילות .pl

(more commonly) לַיְלָה

— .

by night, in the night-time.

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75 K. to take, take out, pick out, catch, captivate,

capture; Niph. to be taken, be caught, &c. Hithp. to take hold of each other, to hold together.


ילד inf. K. of-לֶכְתִּי .af


See ?.
135 therefore, see 12.
nas - W. q. v.

K. to learn, accustom one's self (to any thing);
Pi. to teach; Pu. to be taught, be accustomed,

him why? wherefore?

iTnpa lit. why this? i. e. why then? wherefore
then ?
— Tayas, gyps—(before nouns) on account
of, because of, according to; (before verbs) that,


so that.

.in order that לְמַעַן אֲשֶׁר


125 See ?

K. and Hiph. to mock, deride, laugh at; Niph. to speak unintelligibly.

.עוֹלָם See לְעוֹלָם .wormwood לֵעֲנָה

3 before. See b'??. o'p forwards ; (likewise) formerly, in ancient times.

:פָּנִים See

mps K. to take, seize, lay hold of, take away, receive,

capture; Niph. to be taken, be taken away, be


received; Pu. to be taken, be taken away, be
brought; Hithp. (only p. a.) to take hold of each
other, hold together.
- w. af. p — doctrine, knowledge, speech, fair

speech; (in a bad sense) flattery.
cops K. and Pi. to collect, gather; Pu. to be gathered

or collected ; Hithp. to assemble, come together.

strictly inf. K. of xp to meet, or befall; napp - adv. to meet, (obviam). ?

; . , language, speech.


.שָׁוְא See לַשָּׁוְא ,a tongue- לְשׁונות .pl ; לְשׁוֹנִי ;לְשׁון .i. c- לָשׁון

followed by Dagesh.) pref

. (for 19) — W. af. or,

er, 79—from, out of, before

letter that

by, more than, because of, cannot have Dagesh.

by dint of
in strength, force, might; used advly. very, exceed-

TK? Ty in the highest degree.

. ; . an hundred.
r. . ; - a .

. - .
1x Pi. to refuse, decline.
DXO K. to despise, reject; Niph. to be rejected, de-


מֵאוֹת .pl ;מְאַת .i. c- מֵאָה מָאוֹר ,a light - מְאוֹרוֹת .pl ;מְאוֹר .i. c- אור .r

מאֲכָל .food - מַאֲכָל .i. c- אכל .r


* In some instances the prefix or expresses a negative, e. g. nino y Nam (Gen. xxvii. 1.) And his eyes were dim

so that he could not see.

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