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,lit. path of plainness, i. e. plain path ארח מישור

אֹרְחַת .i. c- אֹרְחָה

, i. e. , way of rectitude.

- a course, manner; (also) a company of travellers, caravan.

אֲרִי אַרְיֵה

- אֲרָיוֹת and אֲרָיִם .pl

- a lion,

.(long of (found only in construction ארךְ ,lit. long of spirit, i. e. patient, enduring אֶרֶךְ רוּחַ

778 K. to be long; Hiph. to cause to be long, make long, prolong; intrans. to be long.


, i. . , a patient man.


.אַף See .אֶרֶךְ אַפַּיִם .name of a country; Aramea, Syria אֲרָם אֶרֶץ .earth, a land – אֲרָצוֹת .pl ; אַרְצִי

.P:, to betroth ארש


- . ,a woman --נָשִׁים .pl ;אִשְׁתִּי ;אֵשֶׁת .i. e- אִשָׁה



,lit. [each] woman to her sister אִשָּׁה אֶל אֲחוֹתָהּ .אִישׁ See . אִישׁ אֶל אָחִיו .one to another. Comp .name of a country ; Assyria אַשׁוּר אֶשְׁכֹּל .a cluster of the vine - אַשְׁכּלות .pl .K. to be guilty; Hiph. to pronounce [one] guilty אשם .guilty (אשם strictly p. a. K. of) - אֲשֶׁמִים .pl- אָשֵׁם

.rel. pron, which, who אֲשֶׁר
lit. which אֲשֶׁר

.lit. which - thee, m. &c אֲשֶׁר

.lit. which אֲשֶׁר-שָׁם

.conj. that, so that אֲשֶׁר





there, i. e. where.

.because that עַל אֲשֶׁר .in as much as seeing that בַּאֲשֶׁר

.as, according to what כַּאֲשֶׁר כַּאֲשֶׁר --- כֵּן -..

as... SO



in proportion as... Compare Exod. i. 12.

( () [] happiness of ! it is commonly Englished by: happy is, or blessed is.

S0 ...•

[lit. happiness (or father happinesses) of; [0 the אַשְׁרֵי

is a mere mark of the accusative case.

prep. with; (in a few

nx) instances) from, out of.

.c& ,אוֹתי ,אוֹתְךְ .w. af
(when it has no accent) אֶת

- .c& ,אִתִּי ,אתְךְ .w. af


.m אַתָּה

.f את

.m אתם

.£ אַתּנָה or אַתֶּן ב

בּ ,c. - pref. in, on& ,בִּי בִּךְ בּוֹ ,בָּה ,w. af

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, with, at, by, out of, through, against, among, amongst.

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.i. c- בְּהֵמָה – בְּהֵמוֹת .pl ; בְּהֶמְתִּי .w. af ;בֶּהֶמַת

.קוץ See בְּהָקִיץ

boya tin. 577 Hiph. to distinguish, set apart, separate; Niph.

to be separated. nota bdellium.

Niph. to be confounded, be troubled, be fright-
ened; Pi. to confound, trouble, frighten ; (likewise)
to be in haste; Hiph. to confound, trouble; (like-
wise) to hurry, hasten.

. ; . cattle, beast.

. X12 K. to come, come in, enter; Hiph. to cause to

come, i. e. to bring; Hoph. to be caused to come,
i. e. to be brought.
WOW xia lit. the coming [down] of the sun,

i. e. the setting of the sun, sunset.
112 K. to despise.

12 K. and only once in Pi. to understand, perceive, or al consider; Niph. to be intelligent; Hiph. sometimes

intrans. like K., and sometimes trans., to cause to understand, to cause to perceive, &c.

a pit, hole. wa K. — fut. wia, wiax - to be ashamed; Hiph.

to cause to be ashamed, i. e. to put to shame; Hithp. to be ashamed of one's self.

- perhaps wwa - K. and Pi. to tarry, delay. = n2 K. and Hiph. to despise; Niph. to be

despised. 1997 - p. p. K. of 172 - despised. mno - pl. O'rna - a youth, young man. - p. p. K. of 0

chosen. constr. w.

(9 ) gusted with...

בּוֹרוֹת .pl- {בור

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בוש בזה

-to be dis – (בחל ב-• :)ב

it (בחר ב•••) ב

ina K. to try, prove, explore, examine. 12 K. to choose; when constr. w. 2 ()

signifies: to prefer, be pleased with ; Niph. to be

preferable. Nol Pi. to speak rashly. no K. to trust, confide in, rely on, be confident;

Hiph. to cause to be confident, inspire with con

non security, safety.

noz likewise hoa (used advly.) safely, securely.
- w. af. 23 - womb, belly, inward parts.
(a particle of entreaty) I pray.

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. בִּינָה ,a house- בָּתִּים .pl ; בֵּיתִי .w. af ; בֵּית .i. c- בַּיִת

בכה .firstborn בכור

.not בַּל לְבַל


between, among, amongst. nisa) 1799 - i. c. nga – understanding, intelligence.

. ; . ; . . 2x na lit. house of a father, father's house, i. e. a family. nwano na lit. a house of freedom, i. e. an isolated and quiet house. (According to some it signifies: a house of infirmity, an infirmary.) K. to weep, lament.

. . .

that not, in order that not. - sometimes osa-secretly, privately. oba K. to wax old, be worn out; Pi. to waste, spend. ha – pl. Da - old, worn out.

- . ; . — . a not; 1991 without.

as that not, in order that not.

san because that not, for want of. yha K. and Pi. to swallow up; metaph. to destroy ;

Niph. to be swallowed up; Pu, and Hithp. to be

swallowed up, be destroyed. ma not, without, except.

imbas not to, so that not.

-i. c. * 1a; w. af. 792, ??; pl. 0'? — son, 77 K. to build; Niph. to be built.

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. בַּת See בָּנוֹת בַּעַל



,living beings בַּעֲלֵי חַיים

- W. af. mya, ya; pl. w. af. Sya—a hus-
w. af. pl. of excellence with singular meaning

- a Lord, owner, possessor, man,
7 bya lit. possessor of wing, i. e. a winged

being. Dan Sya lit. possessor of life, i. e. a living being

. d'an? bya lit. possessor or Lord of mercies,

i.e. a merciful being. . name of an idol; Baal. na brutish, in the highest degree ignorant and foolish. nya Pi. to trouble, terrify; Niph. to be afraid. Togg -i. c. 737; w. af. ??? - vintage, season of

the vintage.
yra — i. c. "Ypa – gain, wealth (gotten by sordid

-i. c. 289-dough.


בְּעָלִים .pl


* In a few instances 1a; particularly in the patronymic of Joshua 193 19 [the] son of Nun, where this form is constantly preserved.

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