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A. 27. 78 (93. 1325) BERGEN (William Culley). Practice of Navigation

and Nautical Astronomy. 8th ed.

8vo. A'orth Shields, (1893).

B. 33.42 (93. 1326) PERRY (John Tavenor). The Chronology of Medieval

and Renaissance Architecture. 8vo. London, 1893.

P. 29.70 (93. 132?) CURTIN (Jeremiah).

SIENKIEW1CZ (Henryk). Yanko the Musician

aud other stories. Transl. from the Polish by

Jeremiah Curtiu. 8vo. London, 1893.

P. 32.18 (93. 1328)

WALTERS (Alan). A Lotos Eater in Capri.

8vo. London, 1893.

X.29.29 (93. 1329)

HODGKINSON (William Richard).
VALENTIN (William George). A course of practical
Chemistry or Qualitative Chemical Analysis. Ed.
by W. R. Hodgkinson. 8th ed.

8vo. London, 1893.

Aa.18.84 (93. 1330)

COWIE (Andson). English Sulu-Malay Vocabulary.
Ed. by Wm. Clark Cowie. Grammatical Intro-
duction by the Editor. 8vo. London, 1893.

Nn.6.96- (93. 1331)

HILL (Georgiana). A history of English Dress, from the Saxon Period to the Present Day. 2 vols.

8vo. London, 1893.

I.19.36 (93. 1332)

WALLER (Augustus Desire), P.R.S. An introduction to Human Physiology. 2nd ed.

8vo. London, 1893. I.19.49 (93. 1333)

MACEWEN (William), M.D. Pyogenic Infective Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord, &c.

8vo. Glasgow, 1893.

I.20.81 (93. 1334)

SUTTON (John Bland). Tumours, Innocent and

Malignant, their clinical features and appropriate

treatment. 8vo. London, 1893.

I.25.8 (93. 1335)

TAYLOR (John Cleasby), M.D. The Health Resorts of the Canary Islands in their Climatological and Medical Aspects. 8vo. London, 1893.

III. 21. 86 (93. 1336)

MOORE (Sir William James), K.C.T.E. A manual of Family Medicine and Hygiene for India. 6th e<l.

8vo. London, 1893.

XXI. 59. 30 (93. 1337)

RICKETT (J. Compton). The Quickening of Caliban.

8vo. London, (1893).

XXI. 61. 54 (93. 1338)

BLESSINGTON (Marguerite, Countess of). BYRON (George Gordon, 'Gfh Lord). A journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron with tho Countess of Blessington. New ed. With sketch of Lady B. by her sister, and Memoir by the editor of this eel.

8vo. London, 1893.

XXI.61.55 (93. \3Mj)

MALLOCK (William Hurrell).
SOMERSET (Edward Adolphus Seymour, 12th Duke
of). Letters, Remains and Memoirs, ifec. Ed. by
W. H. Mallock and Lady Guendolen Ramsden.

8vo. London, 1893.

XXI. 61.56- (93. 1340)

HAWKER (Colonel Peter). Diary 1802-1853. Introduction by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, Bart. 2 vols.' 8vo. London, 1893. XXI. 62. 21 (93. 1341)

NE.7.9 (93. 1S51)

MELVILLE (Herman). Typee. New ed. with
memoir of the author. 8vo. London, 1893.

NE.7.10 (93. 1352)

MELVILLE (Herman). Omoo. New ed. with memoir
of the author. 8vo. London, 1893.

PB.9.176 (93. 1353)

DOWELL (Stephen). The Acts relating to the Tax
on Inhabited Dwelling-Houses, with references.

8vo. London, 1893.

RA.18.50 (93. 135*)

WILLIAM of Wykeham, Bp of Winchester.
MOBERLY (George Herbert). Life of William of
Wykeham. 2nd ed. 8vo. Winchester, 1893.

RC.88.64 (93. 1355)

TYLOR (Charles). The Camisards. A sequel to
'The Huguenots in the 17th century.'

8vo. London, 1893.

RC.100.33 (93. 1356)

JOYCE (Herbert). The history of the Post Office
from its establishment down to 1836.

8vo. London, 1893.

EC. 111. 25 (93. 1357)

BURY (John Bagnell). A History of the Roman
Empire from its Foundation to the death of
Marcus Aurelius. 8vo. London, 1893.

A. 55 . 64 (93. 1358)

URQUHART (John W.). Electric Light Fitting.
2nd ed. 8vo. London, 1893.

A. 55. 65 (93. 1359)

KAPP (Gisbert). Dynamos, Alternators, and Trans-
formers. 8vo. London, (1893).
A. 55.66 (93. 1360)

SWAN (H.).

KILGOUR (Martin Hamilton). Electrical Distribution; its theory and practice. Part i, by M. H. K. Part ii, by H. £wau and C. H. W. Biggs.

8vo. London, (1893).

G.22.75 (93. 1361)

TARN (Edward Wyndham). An elementary treatise on the Construction of Roofs of Wood and Iron. 3rd ed. (Weale's Rudimentary Series.)

8vo. London, 1S93.

Q.31.14 (93. 1362)

MALLOCK (William Hurrell). Labour and the Popular Welfare. 8vo. London, 1893.

Q.33.27 (93. 1363)

ATKINSON (Edward), LL.D. Taxation and Work.

8vo. New York, 1892.

Q.33.28 (93. 1364) FELLS (J. M.). GARCKE (Emile). Factory Accounts; their principles and practice. By E. G. and J. M. Fells. 4th ed. 8vo. London, 1893.

S.31.47 (93. 1365)

TENNYSON (Alfred, 1st Lord). WALTERS (J. Cuming). Tennyson; Poet, Philosopher, Idealist. Svo. London, 1893.

S.33.61 (93. 1366)

HOLE (Samuel Reynolds). Memories. New ed.

8vo. London, 1893.

Bb.2.125 (93. 1367)

COWELL (Edward Byles). The Buddha-A'arita of Asvaghosa. Ed. from three MSS. by E. B. C. (Anecdota Oxoniensia. Aryan Series. Vol. i. Part vii.) "4to. Oxford, 1893.

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