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Communications for the Magazine must, in future, be forwarded to Mr. ROBESON, the publisher, Glasshouse Yard, Doctors' Commons, who will also receive Advertisements and Bills for the wrapper.

We shall be happy to insert any intelligence respecting the progress of religion in the Connexion; also, if any of the leading religious and benevolent societies, which may be forwarded by the 20th. Notices of Sermons or Meetings for our Wrapper, or of new publications for our Literary Intelligence, by the 24th of the preceding month.

Mr. W. Felkin's valuable Remarks we hope to use next Month.
Communications have been received from J. Thompson, Esq.-Rev. H. Hollis-
Rev. J. Harris-W. J. B.-R. S.


2. Tuesday, 12 o'clock, Jubilee Service, Union Street, Southwark, Dr. Vaughan, on
"The Principles, History, and Present Position of English Congregationalism."
Evening, 8 o'clock. Lecture to Mechanics, Weigh House, Dr. Fletcher-" The
Divine Legation of Moses.

6. Epiphany. Morning Lessons, Isaiah 60, Luke 3. Evening, Isaiah 49, John 2.
7. First Sunday after Epiphany. Morning, Isaiah 44, Matthew 5. Evening, Isaiah 46,

Romans 5.

Evening, Lower Road, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney.

9. Tuesday Evening, half-past 6 o'clock, Rev. J. Edwards's Chapel, Clapham Common, Rev. J. Jackson-" The Authenticity and Inspiration of the Bible."

Eight o'clock. Lecture to Mechanics, Weigh House, Rev. T. Binney-" The Law given from Sinai suited to the circumstances of man, and of universal adaptation." 14. Second Sunday after Epiphany. Morning, Isaiah 51, Matthew 12.


Isaiah 53, Romans 12.

Evening, Lower Road, Islington, Rev. R. Ainslie.

16. Tuesday evening, 8 o'clock, Lecture to Mechanics, Weigh House, Rev. J. Young, M.A." The Extirpation of Heathen Nations by the Jews, in their conquest of Canaan, a righteous visitation on the enemies of God."

21. Third Sunday after Epiphany. Morning, Isaiah 55, Matthew 19. Evening, Isaiah 56, I Cor. 3.

Evening, Lower Street, Islington, Rev. W. Clayton.

23. Evening, half-past 6 o'clock, Rev. J. Edwards's Chapel, Clapham, Rev. John Hunt-" Profane History as connected with, and illustrating, that of the Jews.” Eight o'clock. Lecture to Mechanics, Weigh House, Rev. R. Ainslie-" The Subjugation of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar, their captivity in Babylon, and subsequent return, according to the edict of Cyrus, confirmed by the testimony of Jewish and Heathen historians."

25. Conversion of St. Paul. Morning, Wisdom 5, Acts 22. Evening, Wisdom 6,

Acts 26.

28. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. Morning, Isaiah 57, Matthew 25. Evening, Isaiah 58, 1 Cor. 9.

Evening. Lower Road, Islington, Rev. Dr. Halley.

30. King Charles I. Martyrdom. Morning, 2 Samuel 1, Matthew 27. Evening, Jeremiah 12, Hebrews 11.

Evening. Lecture to Mechanics, Weigh House, Rev. T. Archer, M.A." The Fulfilment of Prophecies regarding the Destruction of Babylon, Edom, and Moab, established on the authority of general History."

Brussels Carpeting.


ROMAR and CO. (late Langford's) respectfully invite the Nobility and Families about nishing, to the inspection of their Immense and Splendid Stock of Brussels, Kiddermi Venetian, and other Carpetings, of the newest and best patterns as produced-for style and variety of cannot be surpassed by any House in the metropolis. Together with a superb selection of the newest pa of Chintz Furnitures, Damasks, Mohair-Damasks, Moreens, Silk Tabbarets, &c.; with every article req for furnishing houses of any class, at a saving of from 20 to 30 per cent. to ready money purchasers. Upholstery work finished with elegance and dispatch.

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