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Lansing, Tuesday, March 22, 1898. Pursuant to a proclamation of His Excellency, Hon. Hazen S. Pingree, Governor of the State of Michigan, the members of the House of Representatives assembled in their Hall in the capitol in the city of Lansing.

The Speaker, Hon. William D. Gordon, called the House to order at 12 o'clock noon.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Thompson.

The roll of the House was called by the Clerk and the following members answered to their names: Messrs. Adams, Allison, Alward, Anderson, Atkinson, Babcock, C. G., Babcock, H., Bates, Belknap, Bemis, Billings, Bricker, Bryan, Buskirk, Cahoon, Caldwell, Camburn, Campbell, Chamberlain, Clark, Clute, Coad, Colvin, Connors, Cousins, Crippen, Davis, Dickinson, J. H., Dickinson, L. D., Donovan, Dudley, Eikhoff, Fleischhauer, Foote, Foster, Fuller, Gibson, Gillam, Goodell, Goodyear, Graham, Green, Gustin, Hammond, Harris, Herrig, Hofmeister, Jackson, January, Kelly, Kerr, Kimmis, Lusk, Madill, Marsilje, Mayer, McGill, Miller, Molster, Moore, E. W., Moore, M. G., Niedermeier, O'Dett, Otis, Pearson, Perry, Peters, Petrowsky, Phillips, C. C., Phillips, M. F., Powers, Putney, Reed, Rulison, Savage, Sawyer, Scully, Shepard, F. M., Shepherd, F., Shisler, Smith, Stewart, Stoneman, Van Camp, Washer, Weier, Wetherbee, Whitney, Widoe, Wing, Zimmerman.

The following members were found absent: Messrs. Edgar, Lee, Oberdorffer, Peek, Rowley, Teft, Vought, Williams.

The Speaker directed the Clerk to read the proclamation of the Governor convening the Legislature in extra session, which was as follows:

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To all whom it may concern, greeting:

By Sec. 6 of Art. 5 of the constitution of the State of Michigan it is provided that the Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

By Sec. 7 of the same article he is given the power to convene the Legislature on extraordinary occasions.

By Sec. 11 of Art. 14 it is made the duty of the Legislature to provide an uniform rule of taxation.

By Sec. 12 of the same article "all assessments hereafter authorized shall be on property at its cash value.”

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