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List of Illustrations.


This View, copied from a Drawing forming part of the Aylesford

Collection in the Birmingham Reference Library, shews the
interesting features on the South side, since destroyed, and
the half-timbered House to the West of the Church, long
since pulled down -

(facing Page 26) Ground Plan, and Transverse and Longitudinal Sections

(facing Page 28) Sketches of details made before the restoration of the Church.

The lancet and low-side window and the chimney were then

(facing Page 30)


[blocks in formation]

Plan and Sections of Vestry, and Elevation, Section and Plan of

(facing Page 32)

Plate 4

Plate 5

Church Chest, and Fragment of Stained Glass, preserved in the chest

(facing Page 33) FAC-SIMILE OF WOOD ENGRAVING, “Rhetoric," from " Margarita Philosophica,” in King's Norton Library. Edition Fribourg, 1503

(facing Page 23)

Plate 6

FAC-SIMILE OF WooD ENGRAVING, “ Typus Arithmetice” (Sic), from

Margarita Philosophica," in King's Norton Library. Edition Fribourg, 1503

(facing Page 24)

Plate 7

FAC-SIMILE BORDER, originally designed by Hans Holbein for the

Πίναξ or “Tabula ” of Cebes, forming the ornament of the first page of the Commentaries of Erasmus. Edition Froben Basil, 1527. King's Norton Library

(facing Page 25) FAC-SIMILE OF STAMPED LEATHER BOOK-BINDING, by John Rignes, early 16th century

(facing Page 16)

Plate 8

Plate 9

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